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Would you like your computer continually looked after by an expert to help prevent it going wrong?
Even better… imagine knowing you can ask for expert help to fix any computer problem without clocking up udditional costs?

These are just a couple of features that come as standard with our Ashsoft Care Pack service.

Why take out an Ashsoft Care Pack contract?

  • you care about what’s on your computer, whether it’s family photo’s, music, financial or other important personal information
  • you care about who can see, change or remove this information
  • you care about when and if you can use your computer.

We care too!

An Ashsoft Care Pack service contract gives you ultimate peace of mind that your computer is being regularly updated and checked for viruses and other problems, vastly reducing the likelihood of failures and security problems in the future. Plus you have instant access to one of our friendly technical experts to resolve any problems you do encounter.

Our pro-active approach to maintaining your PC, even when it appears to be operating perfectly, is unique and means that the number and severity of problems you will encounter is massively reduced compared to the usual break and fix approach. Saving you time, money and possibly a lot of heartache in the future.

Our Ashsoft Care Pack service is like having your own computer technician by your side, ready to help at any time.

Instant Support!
Our technology enables us to fix over 90% of computer problems remotely. What exactly does this mean? Well, provided you give us permission, our technicians can literally see and operate your computer from our control centre while you are in the comfort of your home or even overseas in a hotel. It is totally secure and means that we can fix many of your computer problems instantly without you having to wait for a technician to visit. You just sit back and relax while our experts solve the problem right in front of your eyes… often within minutes! And, if we can’t fix it remotely then we can arrange for one of our engineers to visit you at your convenience.

What does Ashsoft Care Pack give you?
All Ashsoft Care Pack service contracts include a comprehensive computer housekeeping and maintenance service. This weekly service is carried out on your behalf and will:

  • Help to keep your data safe and secure
  • Reduce the risk of your computer crashing
  • Help to keep your computer running fast and efficiently
  • Reduce the chance of serious problems which may cause you to lose information or be without the use of your computer for a long period
  • Reduce the necessity for costly repairs

Ashsoft Care Pack contracts also include telephone help and advice, instant remote technical support, and on-site visits to resolve problems that can’t be dealt with remotely (depending on contract level). Everything you need to keep your computer equipment safe, secure and trouble free.